Corsair and The Sky Pirates

CORSAIR AND THE SKY PIRATES is an exciting original steampunk historical fiction from steampunk/fantasy author Mark Piggott and Curious Corvid Publishing! Winner of The BookFest Spring 2023 book awards, 2nd Place for Fantasy – Gaslamp and Science Fiction – Steampunk. 

A brilliant inventor . . . A prolific writer . . . A chance meeting between Nikola Tesla and Jules Verne created a world you could never imagine. A world powered by steam generated not from coal or fuel but from a meteor fragment. Tesla discovered a comet named Uriel was raining pieces of these powerful meteorites across the globe whenever it passed near the Earth. That led to an Industrial Revolution years ahead of its time—a steampunk revolution—but even progress had a price. While the rich and powerful lived in luxury in this industrial new world, the everyday people groveled beneath the boot of their corporate masters.

While Tesla made his inventions to ease everyday people’s day-to-day burden, the Edison/Röntgen/Parsons Corporation or ERP used their power and influence to ensure people paid for their modern miracles. World governments bent over backward to appease Thomas Edison and ERP to ensure they got their hands on the best technology and the most potent weapons.

One man brought hope to the people as he pursued Tesla’s dream. His exploits were legendary, his crew infamous, and his airship a vision of the future. Corsair and his Sky Pirates flew across the globe, carrying out deeds that spurred the imagination. Known as modern-day Robin Hood bandits, they stole from the robber barons and returned the spoils to the oppressed.

The swashbuckling Corsair was as handsome as he was cool, calm, and calculating. His crew was a diverse assortment of renegades many authorities considered lowlifes and criminals. Still, they were all dedicated to Corsair’s mission, working with Tesla to end the corporate rule strangling the planet. They came from every corner of the globe . . . From the outback in Australia to the American Southwest and the rough streets of Harlem in New York City, across Europe, and to the Far East. The crew of the airship Galeru, so named for a mythical rainbow serpent, never faltered and never wavered.

Corsair and his Sky Pirates uncover a startling secret on one such assignment. ERP was developing a way to break down Uriel’s fragments at the atomic level, creating an “atomic bomb” that could devastate cities in a single blast. With that kind of power, a world war would be imminent, giving ERP a chance to rake in the profits from the devastation.

The race is on for Corsair and his crew to uncover Uriel’s secret while preventing ERP from getting their hands on meteorites from the comet to make their weapons of mass destruction. It may be their only hope of preventing Edison from achieving his goal of a world utopia where the rich and powerful decide the fate of the human race.

Adventure awaits in the skies with CORSAIR AND THE SKY PIRATES from Curious Corvid Publishing!