Fan Art — The Outlander War

The “three dragons” as prophesized to oppose the reign of Mordred . . . Ashley St. Johns, Sorceress Magnate of Avalon; Sir Hunter MoonDrake, Gil-Gamesh of Avalon; and Rose O’Brien, Shield Maiden and Dragon Queen. (Art by Ari Brodeur @Aribroart on Instagram)

Half-demon mercenary Abdel Ben Faust challenges the Gil-Gamesh, Lord Bryan MoonDrake, and his Shield Maiden, Amelia Pomodoro, in the Elven Temple of Eternal Starlight in the ancient city of Alfheimer. (Art by Pam Hage @Queen_of_Eagles on Instagram)

Eileanora, The Dubh Bhean or Dark Lady, Assassin of Alfheimer
Art by Nikolaev Evgeny Sergeevich (@po1inart on Instagram) from Novochebonsarsk, Russia
The Archipelago of Avalon
Art by artist Amy Kruzan (@fantasygraphicsbya on Instagram)