The River of Souls

THE RIVER OF SOULS is a new novella, combining fantasy and poetry, from author Mark Piggott, poet Ashley Valitutto, and Curious Corvid Publishing! Winner of the 2022 Firebird Book Awards: 1st Place for Novella and 2nd Place for Fiction-Book Cover!

“Reach beyond heavens veil; do not let death prevail. Instead, open the door through God’s grace; let this not be his final resting place!”

Fawleen and Drogon fought what people called “The Endless War,” as it went on for more than 300 years. The humans of Fawleen and the Dragonkin of Drogon clashed over borderlands, water rights, trade disputes, and the biased views of leaders on both sides of the conflict. Four generations fought and died in the war. That all changed when one sect of Drogon—the Oracles of Delphis Kai—joined Fawleen against their people and worked to end the war. The Oracles were healers and pacifists, opposite the Acolytes of Hecat Tei and their dark chaos magic that ruled Drogon. Ultimately, it was the deciding factor that brought peace to the troubled land.

Malcolm Seger, a human Magi-Gunner, and his wife Alyssa, a dragonkin of the Oracles of Delphis Kai, moved to the parish of Fairhaven to begin a new life together. But just when they settled in, Malcolm succumbs to deadly “dragon dust” and lies near death. Grief-stricken, Alyssa uses her magic to save her true love through the spell of restoration, powerful magic combining two souls into one.

Across the river of souls, the boundless cosmic lifestream that connects all worlds, a young man lay dying underneath a crumpled automobile. He hears a voice crying out for help, begging not to be left alone. Desperate to make something of his life, he offers himself to God to cross the river of souls to be there for her.

Now their new life together begins in a world filled with distrust, bigotry, and hatred between races. Can two people from different worlds find love and peace to show what lies beyond THE RIVER OF SOULS? From award-winning author Mark Piggott with original poetry by Ashley Valitutto, step into this fantasy novella from Curious Corvid Publishing!

The River of Souls excerpt read by voiceover artist Teri Schnaubelt (@terischnaubelt on TikTok)

The River of Souls is available at Amazon and at the Curious Corvid store! Pick up your copy or download the ebook today!