Creating the world of Forever Avalon

It’s easy to create something when you’ve got such a great subject to work with. I remember watching movies like “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, “Excalibur” and the first animated version of “The Hobbit” as a teenager. Right then and there, I was hooked on swords and sorcery, fantasy and adventure. I grew even more enamored when “Dragonslayer” came out in 1981. I saw that movie over and over again when it was first released. The special effects for the dragon were remarkable.

The world of Forever Avalon might have come from long, sleepless nights of Dungeons & Dragons, but it was built on something that already had a mythology. The story of King Arthur, Merlin, Morgana le Fay and the Knights of the Round Table was steeped in legend across time in many different cultures.

It was in those myths and legends that I came up with the concept behind the series … What happened next? They say there is always fact somewhere behind the myth, and that led me to one simple question: Why doesn’t magic exist in our world anymore?

Of course, the answer is because it now exists on Avalon. When King Arthur died, Merlin saw this as an end to the “Age of Magic” in our world, but magic was all he’d ever know. He had to take precautions to keep magic and those “touched” by magic (dragons, Elves, Dwarves, etc.) alive forever.

This is where my story begins, with Merlin using his powers to bring everything magical to the island of Avalon. Now I know that in most mythology, England is considered Avalon, or more specifically Wales. That may be, but my Avalon had to be somewhere separate from the real world. So I created Avalon as an island unto itself.

I have to admit that by doing this, I am cheating a little. Instead of creating an entirely new world like the Westeros in Game of Thrones or Middle Earth in The Hobbit, I’m using one that already existed. I think of this as more of a comfort for readers, making it easier for them to immerse themselves into the story without needing a lot of back story to fill in the gaps.

Plus, you add to it the many different cultures and interpretations of a single mythological creature and you come up with hundreds of varieties to choose from. Lord Bryan MoonDrake, the Gil-Gamesh, is a DragonMage and Lord of Dragons. In researching this part for my novels, I discovered thousands of varieties of dragons from every corner of the planet.

This is why I built my world of Forever Avalon and The Dark Tides around established mythologies. People from India, African, Scandinavia and anywhere else in Europe will find something they can relate to in my novels. To me, a world of magic, Avalon is a refuge for all types of magical birds, beasts and dark dwellers.

Take a step into the world of Forever Avalon and I know you will find something in there just for you!

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