Check out a great new sci-fi novel “The Dark Without” from fellow indie author T.K. Toppin

I have to give a big shout-out to my friend and fellow author T.K. Toppin! I count T.K. as one of my many independent author friends in the online community. She is one of new generation of science fiction authors and her latest release is no exception.

THE DARK WITHOUT is her new release, available TODAY on Amazon, and she continues to amaze me with her attention to detail, world-building, and creative science fiction writing.

“Humankind is always doomed to fail. It has fallen many times before, and many times we have intervened to ensure it stays on the correct course. Earth is salvageable, but if you had continued along the path you were on, it would not have been. You have billions of years more to exist before your planet’s final destruction. We are only making certain it survives that long, and ensuring your survival until the ultimate end. At times you progress too fast, but such is humankind’s way. So we had to accelerate this current failure sooner in order to restart. As we have done before, a guide with a better objective and understanding of how to protect your world, will be inserted…”

But why did they care what humans did with their lives? They were aliens—beings from another dimension! Earth wasn’t their home.

Esme Serrano’s predestined encounter with the trans-dimensional anthropomorphic Aakehollats sends her on a multi-pathed journey spanning ten thousand years. A journey riddled with lies, manipulations and untold layers of deception. She guides Earth as the Sibyl, a powerful and mystical leader, and brings the dying world back from the brink of death. She helps the Aakehollats, and ensures that Earth survives until its ultimate destruction in the cosmos.

But her one true goal is, and always will be, to kill the Aakehollats.

I had the privilege to be one of T.K.’s ARC readers so I got an advanced copy of her sci-fi novel. Here is my review:

Science Fiction prophecy has been a part of our culture for decades. Science Fiction writers find a way to take what is happening in our world today and figure out what is coming next. This book is another great example of that heritage. After reading the first few chapters of THE DARK WITHOUT, I saw our world today–political upheaval, climate change, skyrocketing food prices, rolling blackouts–all of these things are affecting us today. T.K. blends the reality of our world with the possibility that life exists out there, watching over us. It’s a powerful story of a world controlled by a single doctrine, forged from the story of one person setting humanity on its destined course, but what if they got the story wrong? Can humanity survive knowing the truth? These questions boggle the mind but it keeps you enthralled with every page. T.K. belongs with the science fiction prophets of the past, giving us ample warning about our future.

Do yourself a favor and check out T.K.’s other offerings, including Jax Marlin and RAQ. They are just what you need for a great sci-fi read, and it supports a fellow indie author!

Mark Piggott is an award-winning independent author of several fantasy/steampunk novels and short stories. A 23-year U.S. Navy veteran, his stories will take you from the shores of eternal Avalon to a dystopian steampunk future and other worlds.

The Forever Avalon fantasy book series—including Forever Avalon, The Dark Tides, and The Outlander War—is available online at Amazon and other booksellers. His fantasy steampunk novel, The Last Magus: A Clockwork Heart, is available through Lulu and other booksellers.

Cross over The River of Souls in a fantasy novella and the steampunk historical fiction, Corsair and the Sky Pirates from Curious Corvid PublishingThe Last Magus: Dragonfire and Steel and The Prometheus Engine: Book Four of the Forever Avalon Series, are coming soon. Stay tuned for more new fantastic stories from the imagination of Mark Piggott.

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