Fan Art — Forever Avalon

Lord Bryan MoonDrake [2072845]

Lord Bryan MoonDrake, The Gil-Gamesh of Avalon by Dennis Saputra

Lord Kraven Darkholm

Lord Kraven Darkholm, Viscount of Idlehorn by Dennis Saputra

Sarafina [3033645]

Sarafina, Shield Maiden of the Gil-Gamesh by Dennis Saputra

Chancellor Ulric Ocwyn [3082587]

Chancellor Ulric Ocwyn of Emmyr by Dennis Saputra

Sir Thomas Forest [617560]

Sir Nevan Forest, Captain of the Dragon Guard of Emmyr by Dennis Saputra

Lady Stephanie MoonDrake [617559]

Lady Stephanie MoonDrake of Emmyr by Denny Saputra

three [4014874]

Rose, Ashley, and Hunter MoonDrake of Emmyr by Dennis Saputra

Dinius [236132]

Master Dinius Oddbottom, Dwarf Lord of the Gilded Halls by Dennis Saputra

Eonis [220061]

Eonis of the Elves of Alfheimer by Dennis Saputra

wizard [4014876]

Wizard Archibald Browbridge of Avalon by Dennis Saputra

two [4014875]

Lady Heather Thurgoode, Lady-in-Waiting, and Her Majesty Cadhla Edaline Raewyn Pendragon,  Queen of Avalon by Dennis Saputra


The MoonDrake Family of Avalon by Dennis Saputra